About CSI Group

We specialise in commercial land investment projects. We operate within CEE nations, including Poland. Our goal is to continue growing our real estate portfolio and consistently increase its value. We finance our investments using our own equity as well as using external sources.


Our extensive market knowledge, supported by an experienced team help us make the right business decisions at every stage. We invest in real estate with the purpose of developing it for retail, industrial, warehouse & distribution as well as office projects. We have a strong understanding of the legal & legislative environment in Poland. We anticipate market changes and tailor our strategy to achieve the best returns on our investments.

Our market experience and understanding, along with an individual, case by case approach guarantee the success of each project. We reach our targets and act responsibly in our decision making.

Market analysis

We continuously monitor the land investment & real estate markets in Europe. We are searching for land & real estate prospects with the potential for commercial use and aim to develop it for retail, industry, warehousing & distribution or office space. We carefully monitor market changes and develop secure land investment and development strategies which reflect the current business environments.

We pride ourselves in precise market analysis, that help build a strong, secure and consistent vision of the environment. Our forecasting is continuously monitored and adjusted, to factor in ever changing market forces. We always aim to be two steps ahead in our decision making and we deliver compelling investment decisions.

  • Market analysis.
  • Forecasting.
  • Comprehensive investment strategies.
  • Legal environment analysis.
  • Environmental analysis.
  • Infrastructure audits.

Investment Sectors

We invest in land & real estate which has a strong prospect for future development and business opportunities. We aim to continuously grow our range of investments in our portfolio, as well as its overall value. Our strength is our unique understanding of the realities of the Polish market, including its commercial and legal opportunities & threats. Each investment is reviewed on a case by case basis, adjusting the required tools to help deliver the overall strategy. We secure land for investments in:

Commercial Real Estate

Due to dynamic growth in the market there is an increasing demand for land aimed at future investments in the commercial real estate sector. We secure land which is prospected to increase in value. Our team of experienced professionals conduct comprehensive audits assessing the legal and infrastructure status in the context of office projects. Our forecasts on the office sector direction for growth accurately reflect the potential future environment for large cities, as well as low population density regions.

Logistic & Industrial Real Estate

The warehouse market continues to reach new heights. Increase in consumer consumption and the rapid growth of e-commerce fuels a constant demand for warehouse properties. Furthermore, the trend of locating industrial investments in warehouse and logistics facilities further stimulates demand for such space. We carry out comprehensive audits of each location, including access to infrastructure, communication routes and distribution networks. We anticipate changes in the market and invest in areas that will meet the needs of tomorrow.

Retail Properties

We closely monitor trends in the retail property market in Europe. We react to changes and adapt our investment strategies accordingly. Our portfolio and investment targets include prospects in the largest cities as well as low population density areas. Retail projects have their own specific requirements in terms of land investment prospects. Each project is reviewed for its potential, analysing access to infrastructure, communication routes and local market capacity for growth.


When implementing investment projects, we use both our own finance as well as external sources. Our priorities are always placed on safety and maximum efficiency.

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